Part Two



I am kind of lost again.

The development looks like two lines are developing in the same time. When I check my sketchbook from the beginning, I realized the logic is really confusing… My own thinking is also affected by the massy.

But I don’t have enough time to fix it because the interview is coming and my A2 sheets have not start yet.


I have a new idea: Barcode.

It connects with corduroy closely.

-It is easy to connect but it is hard to put it into the project and develop

-It is challenge and I would like to accept the challenge.


I image a figure for my project to help myself for developing:

-A fighter from future.

-The background is the earth has been decaying in the future. Most human are gone and they chose to stay and fight till the end.

-The mood should be sorrowful/ solemn and stirring.


-I am not sure if I can describe it clearly.



-We learnt the ways and benefits of response.

-My tutor suggests me to think and manage the color at the beginning of responses.

-It is struggling for me to control color. Anyways, I will challenge myself.

-It is important to control the direction and foresight.


-The exhibition of response.

-My classmates have their own style already. But I am still looking for that. I always got influence and effect by emotions, ideas. I am always massy.


-Maybe continuing research and response is also a way for me?



To do list:



Dec 12th

-Tutorial/P.S suggestion



Key Suggestion from the tutorial:


-My developments are getting better. My developments are getting clearer. It seems like I am figuring out the way to develop.


-I am still too slow.


-I should catch up the previous projects.


-The P.S is not ready.


-I got help for my P.S. writing.

-I have to rewrite my P.S.

   -The main part should be my progress and gain in the FAD course and introduce of my recently project instead of my personal experiment.

   -I should sate my special and powerful opinion and the differences I have.


To do list:



Nov 28th


-I missed the class for given the photo and quote.

- Sewing workshop which is really interested me.



-Tutor asked use to use the sample on body. My samples are too small.

   -redo it.

   -When I start to connect the sample with my body, I feel like my works are not ready for that. I am behind again… I think I am always hesitating for my development. I was always pushed to do the next step, which makes me always dissatisfied for my work.

- It is the time to start my personal statement.


To do list:

-Sewing new samples





Nov 16th

-Visit Golbourne Road

- A traditional British style town.

   -Honestly the buildings and landscape did not inspire me. It is challenge to find resource from that district.


To do list:

-Research for mu background.

-Develop the last project.


I put barcode in the project officially.

I did a lot experiments. And make a couple samples.

-My interesting realization is the drape when I sewing the barcode on clothing.


I also have a choose in the following:

  1. The joints of fabric- like armour.

2.The shape of the armour/ samurai.


The following work should pay more attention on the delection.



I decide the main/basic idea:

-Military uniform

-Samurai/ armour


However, I realized it is hard to mix these ideas together smoothly through working on responses.


I should do more experiment


Jan 4th


-The new project has a topic, corduroy.

-Start the new research


My plan and think:

Part 1: the research of corduroy’s characteristic.

   -The repeating lines.

Part 2: the corduroy clothes.


I decide to start my research from this two direction.


To do list:



Dec 4th



-Portfolio workshop



The result for the workshop

-Really behind

-If I am not good to drawing, I should do more and more drawing!

-My development is too jumping which made my tutor really confused.

-I think it is because I am always lost in my ideas. Honestly, I do not my direction or aim when I develop. I think I should be clear. When I star a new page of sketchbooks, I should have a plan in my mind. The bad habits also influence my layout, which is really massy.


-I have to finish my work in 4 days.

-I haven’t started my P.S.


-The portfolio cards are based one sketchbook. I need to make my sketch more complete and smooth to complete the next step.


To do list:



-Upload research& reflection




Nov 21st


-My partner did a lot of research.

-Make sample & drawing.

-Put samples on bodies.



-I don’t like samples I made today.

- Before I decide the main direction for a project, I am always lost and difficult for me to develop and complete. There is always too many ideas in my mind however I do not know how to choose and give up.

   - It is important to decide quickly and develop. That is the pinot for me to catch up the rate.


- I did not get enough feeling for my concept so far. I should change the idea and find some new direction.

   - I should not all focus on Tang Dynasty clothing and make up. Because it is already about fashion direction. There is less space for me to creative. I should put more modern background about myself and


To do list:


-Based on the sample on the body to explore more direction.

-Upload reflection on workflow.


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